sbwave encryption tweak

A quick fix for people using email clients that cannot process HTML.

  1. If your email client does not support HTML, then access the message source, it will look very messy with words like "return-path" and lots of numbers in square brackets.*
  2. Once you see the message source Select All of it and Copy the entire message in to the box below.
  3. Click on "make it better" and the program will try to extract all of the HTML code and sbwave encrypted message variables. The output should be what an HTML compatible email client would have produced.

Cut and Paste the Entire Email Message into the Box Below


* Many text only email clients will show you the source automatically others may require clicking on some menu item like "view source" or "unhide" to display the complete message [it all depends on your email client].

** It is easiest to copy everything over but as long as the HTML tags and everything in between are copied the script should work fine.