sbwave email encryption
PGP Encryption

The best freely available file encryption program is PGP which stands for Pretty Good Protection and is one of the industry standards. This program readily integrates into Outlook and Eudora and can encrypt any file on your computer in addition to emails. The encryption is considered strong and is suitable for credit card transactions over secure servers.

This program is available without charge for individual use but requires a license for commercial applications. This program can be obtained from http://www.pgpi.org.

  • The draw backs to this PGP application are 1) it must be installed on all computers requiring access to the ecrypted files 2) a server connection is required and 3) although not difficult...installation and setup are not trivial and can take a little effort.
    Hush Mail

    The Hush Mail service offers their users typical free browser email functionality but with the added benifit of strong encryption. If you like the freedom of browser email systems and are looking for a way to add strong encryption to your emails http://www.hushmail.com is a good choice.

  • The only draw back to Hush Mail is the required browser interface for sending messages and the usual add bombardment typical of free email accounts.