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The sites and programs listed below were instrumental in developing the sbwave email enkryptor and we gratefully acknowledge their efforts.

Croesus Design and Promotion

  • The development of the algorithms used by the sbwave email enkryptor began with the algorithms found in the open source program EZCrypt v1.0 (c) 2000 Croesus Design and Promotion, Developed by Jason C. Fleming
  • A detailed explanation of how the EZCrypt algorithms work can be found at Croesus Design and Promotion. This site also provides excellent resources for developers as well as numerous other free scripts. Please note that the original algorithms cannot decipher the sbwave encrypted emails but they are an excellent educational resource.
  • Big Nose Bird
  • The "Contact Webmaster" form mail program is a modified version of BNBForm version 4.0 by
  • The "Tell a Friend" program is a modified version of Birdcast version 2.0
  • SmartCGIs
  • The Frequently Asked Question area is powered by SmartFAQ version 1.0 by Jimmy ( for
  • The Gimp
  • All graphics used by this site were created using Gimp version 1.1.24
  • Special thanxz to for use of their secure server.

    WWF Global Network