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 Encryption Level
  • The encryption used is considered Light to Moderate and should not be used for credit card numbers or anything requiring strong (e.g.1024 bit) encryption.
  • The level of encryption used is well suited for private personal messages and will require far more expertise to crack than an inquisitive acquaintance or co-worker is likely to have.
  •  Encryption Code
  • The email recipient must know the encryption code EXACTLY (upper case, lower case, spaces and punctuation)
  • The encryption code can be a single word or a short phrase.
  • Emailing the code to the recipient is not recommended, especially if security is an issue.
  •  Email Clients
  • The sbwave email encryptor should work on any mail client that can interpret HTML code.
  • A table of email clients that work and those that do not is presented below.
  • A program to convert an encrypted message source into a working HTML form can be found at fixit.html. This should allow all text based and non-HTML supporting email clients to decrypt messages properly.
  • If you try a client not on the list please let us know what happens.

    Works Does Not Work Mostly Works
    Microsoft Outlook Express
    Eudora 5.0
    Microsoft Hotmail
    Netscape Messenger Email Email Email Email
    text only clients Email[2]
    MSN Explorer 6.0
    [1] IMHO does not display the form correctly but produces a file attachment that works when opened.
    [2] Only the Free Juno was is the slowest and most annoying system tested.

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