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The only reason for encrypting email is to increase privacy, so it stands to reason that privacy should be important to all users of the sbwave email encryption thank you for reading this page!

The key points...

  • The program does Not save any data.

  •    Email addresses are Not stored.
       Messages are Not stored.
       Encryption codes are Not stored.

  • Unsolicited email (spam) is Not tolerated.

  •    We don't spam.
       We don't want spam.
       We will ban anyone who attempts spam.

    Keep in mind...
  • Undeliverable mail may be returned to us.

  •    Check all email addresses before submitting.
       If mail is returned it is deleted.
       We can't read it anyway.

  • Servers log activity (ours do).

  •    These logs can show your ISP.
       Your ISP should have a no disclosure policy.
       We don't know who you are.

    What really matters...
  • Take steps to ensure your privacy on your computer and on the internet. No matter what a privacy statement says (on any site) errors occur, hackers hack, and people just plain lie.
  • Take advantage of the vast amount of free security stuff available on the internet.